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Sen. Frett-Gregory Says Traffic Signals are Crucial for Safety

With the start of a new school year in the coming weeks, Sen. Donna Frett-Gregory is calling once again for immediate action to be taken to provide functioning traffic signals at key locations.

Despite assurances to the contrary, the Department of Public Works has failed to adhere to its own timeline to restore damaged traffic signals at heavily traveled intersections throughout the territory.

“We are days away from the start of the new school year,” Sen. Frett-Gregory said. "Our children’s safety and that of the public is further compromised by missing traffic signals once the flow of traffic increases.”

A timeline that Commissioner Nelson Petty Jr. shared with the senator in mid-July detailed that traffic signal restoration work would begin on lower Main Street the week of July 2226. Restoration of the traffic signal at Market Square East should have taken place the week of July 29-August 2.

“We are now outside these timeframes. At a minimum, updates should be given to the community on the status of the traffic signals at these major intersections,” Senator FrettGregory said. “I am urging VIPD and Public Works to advise the motoring public of the driving conditions as schools reopen territory-wide.”

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