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Senator Frett-Gregory's Legislative Report Card

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Senator Frett-Gregory kept her promise to you when she campaigned in 2018 to begin addressing Economic Development, Education, Healthcare and GERS issues. In fact, 20 pieces of her legislation passed in the first 18 months, an unprecedented number for a freshman senator in the minority caucus.

Take a look at a few of them below:

Economic Development/Fiscal Responsibility

We must diversify our economy, promote small businesses and entrepreneurship in the Territory, and financially empower our residents. This begins with providing our entrepreneurs with attractive tax incentives, monitoring government spend, producing more jobs, and by making doing business here in the Territory affordable and simple. I’ve crafted legislation to address these critical areas and others.

  • Tax Study Commission (Act No. 8249)- Reenacted the Virgin Islands Tax Study Commission that is tasked with reviewing the current laws and tax structure for the purpose of initiating tax reform and maximizing revenue in a fair and impartial manner

  • Line of Credit (Act No. 8178)- To authorize the Governor to secure from a local bank a line of credit equal to the amount necessary to pay service providers pending the receipt and disbursement of funds and to pay outstanding obligations

  • Mid-Year Budget Review (Act No. 8298)- Requires the Governor's financial team to conduct mid-year reviews of the current fiscal year's budget prior to the annual legislative budget review to ensure all stakeholders remain abreast of the Government’s financial position and to act as necessary

  • Financial Transparency (Act No. 8172)- Requires the creation and maintenance of a public website that displays comprehensive financial info on every government agency

  • Tax Subsidy (Act No. 1850)- Petitioned US Congress to provide funding for earned income and child tax refunds through subsidy contributions

  • GERS Funds (Act No.8171)- Secured up to $10M for GERS to pay down outstanding employee and employer contributions


Education reform is desperately needed to ensure our students are receiving the resources necessary to succeed. I’ve crafted legislation that focuses not only on our students, but on our educators, and the entire educational system so we have comprehensive change that lasts for generations.

  • Certifying Early Childhood Educators (Act No. 8270)- Requires K4- 3rd grade teachers attain specific early childhood educational requirements before hire. Funds professional development for current teachers who are not qualified.

  • Strengthening Career Tech (33-0267) (In Committee)- Provides students with the opportunity to become certified in their field of interest by graduation and incentivizes businesses to train students for hands-on experience

  • Digital Learning (20-1118) (In Committee)- - Requires DOE put policies and procedures in place to execute digital learning, especially in the instance of a declared state of emergency when learning must take place at home

  • School Facilities & Maintenance (19-0547) (In Committee)- - Establishes and secures funding for an authority that will focus on building and maintaining modern and safe schools for our children so the Dept. of Education’s leadership team can focus on student achievement

  • Mental Wellness in Schools (19-0547) (In Committee)- - Provides students with access to behavioral health resources and improves awareness of mental wellness among students through targeted education in schools


Our healthcare system, like many others around the world, is flawed. Our residents deserve affordable, timely, quality treatment without having to leave the Territory.

  • Mental Health Awareness Month (Act No. 8270)- To establish the month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month and to require DOH and DOE to raise awareness

  • Medicaid Equity (Act No. 8305)- Petition to terminate the statutory cap on overall Medicaid funding, eliminate the specific limit of fifty-five percent on the rate of federal matching funds and provide for the eligibility of the territory to receive Medicaid DSH payments

  • Expanding Annuity Coverage (20-1213) (Pending)- Adds specific healthcare professionals to the list of those who’s annuity will not be impacted if they return to work post-retirement due to severe shortage

No. of Bills Sponsored & Cosponsored with Colleagues: 80+

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